Friday, Jun 23, 2017

The 2017 Premium Inspired.

Going for $369.99 US MSRP with a 20.5" toptube. Great first BMX or as an upgrade from your supermarket beast.

Photo: Strictly BMX

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Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017

Chad Kerley is hosting an event with the homie Chase Hawk at the Lakeside, CA park this Saturday, June 24 with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divisions.

More details can be found on Born And Raised.

Photo from a warm-up bar/ice in Mexico filming for MexiHaro by Colin Mackay

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Friday, Jun 16, 2017

Josh de Reus is braving New Zealand’s winter with some sweet track pants and switch whipping obstacles at the local park. Unreal.ย 

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Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

Chad Kerley teaser from the X Games Real BMX contest!

See the full part he worked on with filmmaker Christian Rigal.

Vote for Chad for Fan Favorite if you’re feeling it!

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Saturday, Jun 10, 2017

Chad Kerley in X Games Real BMX with Christian Rigal!!! Will they get the Gold??!!

Wednesday their part goes online…

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Tuesday, Jun 6, 2017

Our Summer Clearance Sale is now on. Check out all the heavily discounted products!!

USA shipping only sorry!

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Thursday, Jun 1, 2017

Check out the Chad Kerley wrap on the Premium UK van!

Photo: Joey Cobbs

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yeew Stephon Fung sending it at the FTL Jam and taking the win in Best Trick. ๐ŸŒช

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