Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017

Chad rules. Pre day on the street park session in Mexico with Haro BMX.

Their trip video drops in a month.

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Friday, Feb 17, 2017

Chad’s been running this sample CK seat for a bit. At first he didn’t want to make them because there was another company with the similar seat. He loves it and I think we should make them though!

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Monday, Feb 6, 2017

Chad Kerley is down in central Mexico with the @harobmxbikes crew at the moment.

You can meet up with the MEXIHARO crew in Leon and Guadalajara if it’s possible..

Look for a trip video and article out soon!

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Thursday, Feb 2, 2017

‪27 degrees Fahrenheit in New York and Stephon Fung is getting it in! ‬

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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

BMX ain’t easy! Here are the unfortunate outtakes from Chad Kerley​’s 2015 Cinema BMX​ part.

Video by Will Stroud & Christian Rigal. 

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Thursday, Jan 26, 2017

Getting a RIDE BMX cover was like one of the best things you could achieve in BMX. Sad to see it wrapped up but we look forward to Ride’s digital future.

Congrats on getting this one in 2015 Brock Olive.

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Monday, Jan 23, 2017

No he didn’t! Josh de Reus 360 X Manual X Oppo-whip in.

Josh has a couple new video parts dropping soon that you all should be excited for.

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Friday, Jan 20, 2017

The Premium Samsara freecoaster wheel that comes stock on the CK complete. There are still a few of these bikes out there, most on sale! Pick up a good deal while you can.

Check with your Premium dealer >

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