Brock Olive

He’s a big man on a bike but he makes everything look right. He’s filmed a couple of wild parts for us and has played a major roll on our yearly road trips. He’s shy on social media preferring not to post about himself but when you get Brock on the road or point a camera at him, he delivers the goods and reminds you how good he is. He was ahead of the backwards manual game from the start and people are now catching up to him. Brock has one of the best bar-spin’s too, no passing it around, all throw for Brock and we have to mention he just might have the best Toboggans in BMX, landing the cover of Ride BMX magazine with one in 2015.

Premium Products, Éclat, Vans, LUX BMX shop
Frame top tube length?
Ipswich, Brisbane, Australia.
Premium team since?
Top 3 spots?
BNE Airport rail, Miami high ledges (Australia) Bundamba Skate Park.
VW Golf R
Life goals?
To always have fun doing whatever it is I'm doing.