Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017


He ran a 21" toptube Haro La Bastille and switched down to a 20.25". That’s a big drop, but Mike Gray​ explains…

“Digging the 20.25” actually! When I first switched I wasn’t expecting it to be as responsive as it is. Definitely took a minute to get used to it but now that it’s feeling comfortable and I’m seriously loving it! So many tricks that it helps with. I usually ride a 20.75"-20.8". Tried a 21", and it definitely was a nice size for a lot of tricks, but I feel like certain tricks it felt a little long for. The geometry of the La Bastille I am really digging so I wanted to stay on that frame but try a smaller size. Kind of a big jump to go straight to 20.25 but really glad I am riding one.“

See the La Bastille