Josh de Reus

Hometown? Age?
Cambridge, New Zealand 21
Bike set up?
21" tt CK frame, Sub10 V3 top load stem, cut my bars to 27.5", Fat pivotal seat, Softish tires 45-50psi. I like everything to be dialed and just how I like it. Bit OCD when it comes to things being in line etc.
Favorite Premium part?
The stinger hub! Sounds great, although I have a free coaster atm. The CK tires are awesome too.
Best road trip snack?
Coconut water and bananas!
Riders you look up to?
The dudes I ride with mostly like Jono Hopping and Savvy Steve. Internationally like Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffman, Simone Barraco, Chad Kerley, Garrett, Ty Morrow.
How's the NZ scene?
It's slowly growing. It's pretty good though, everyone seems cool and riding for the love so it's good.
Yes, although the town I live in is so small so it's not really needed! I ride around!
Friday night?
I usually ride at the local, meet up with some buds, try do some filming then just kick it with the homies, party or skate an ride.