Felix Prangenberg

Hometown? Age? Height?
Rosbach, Germany 16 5' 7"
How's the German BMX scene?
The German BMX scene just got bigger and bigger over the last few years. It’s one big family and we always have fun together on jams, contests or normal sessions.
How did you learn English so well?
English is one of the main school subjects and my favorite subject in school. I realized that English is really important in life, above all if you want to travel to other countries.
Bike set up?
Aurora 2, CK bars 8.5", CK forks, 3 pegs and Freecoaster.
Favorite Premium part?
I like every single Premium part!
BMX for you is?
BMX is my life and l couldn’t live without it. There is nothing better in life than riding your bike with friends and having fun!
Best road trip snack?
Shokomonk (Chocolate bar)
Friday night plans?
Riding my bike with friends.