Connor Lodes

Hometown? Age? Height?
Moraga, CA (bay area) 24 5' 10"
Set up?
Premium sample Frame, Premium Lodes bars 8.75" and Premium FYB forks
What goes down Friday night?
Friday nights either consist of getting a few beverages and chillin with friends then going out to the bars or something or just chill out with Rudy the dog and watch a movie or play some video games or something!
I drive a Toyota Matrix.  It's a pretty dope little hatchback! Good gas mileage and I can still fit all my buddies!! I love it!
Favorite road trip snack?
My favorite road trip snack is normally any kind of candy or muddy buddies haha!! So good!!
What’s the secret to nose manuals?
Hahaha my one tip would be to not give up!  It took me a long time to learn then bit I you keep practicing they will work out! I think it helps a lot to do a little hop into it and look straight down at your tire!!
Why do you ride?
I ride BMX because you’re free to do anything you want! You don't have practice or do tournaments or have coaches or anything like that!! I really don't know why I just loved it as a kid and never stopped!