Chad Kerley

Hometown? Now residing? Height?
San Diego, CA San Diego, CA 5' 5"
Friday night consists of?
Chillin and maybe the movies
Favorite Premium part?
Premium front wheel V1
Wildest experience?
Visiting Shanghai, China
Plastic or metal pegs? How many pegs?
Metal 3
Best road trip snack?
Trail Mix
Favorite drink?
Top 3 loves in life?
Family, music, and my bike.
What do you do for motivation?
I watch videos of my favorite riding and skate videos. 
Riding crew?
Best part about BMX?
Being able to travel, and making cool memories with my friends..
Any good cop stories getting kicked out of a spot?
I was in Flagstaff, Arizona filming at night in the freezing cold with gloves, trying to get a trick on a rail in front of a school. We were filming a clip for Markit Zero and it was giving me a hard time. After about an hour, a cop rolled up because a teacher saw Mike Jonas peeing somewhere in the parking lot. As they were rolling up, Christian Rigal told me, "Yo, this is your last try." So we went for it and I ended up pulling it, and Jonas spent a few hours in jail that night.