Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015


Monday, Jan 26, 2015

Chad Kerley’s CK.

Monday, Jan 26, 2015

CK | Chad Kerley getting all steezy with this 180 over the rail.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Sunday, Jan 25, 2015


Chad Kerley killing this flat rail. Switch feeble to pedal grind bars out!

Saturday, Jan 24, 2015


- Chad Kerley

Saturday, Jan 24, 2015

Dans Comp dropped a video called “Roll Call" back in 2013 and they are now dropping all the parts online. Chad Kerley’s just went up. So many quick combo’s and energy in this part!

Friday, Jan 23, 2015

Chad Kerley at Area 43 in San Diego.

Friday, Jan 23, 2015

Josh de Reus. Dutch name. New Zealand blood. Interview on Fat BMX out now!

Sequence shot on the Premium Montreal trip by Colin Mackay.

Saturday, Jan 17, 2015

The stairway to heaven. Just imagine getting on this bad boy!

Photo by Coco Zurita

Friday, Jan 16, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday to the homie Blake Peters. Have a good one dude!

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015

CK tire 20x2.0 / 20x2.2 / 20x2.4 Black, Redwall or Skinwall. 

Chad Kerley signature product.

Photos by Joey Cobbs.

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015

Premium UK have been hooking up Sven Hackett for a bit now but today his first video part goes live. Sven kills trails and parks too. An all rounder right here…

Filmed and edited by Nick Armstrong
Additional filming by Zeyad Ahmad

Monday, Jan 12, 2015

The weather was average all across America yesterday. Stephon Fung spent it indoors. Nice hang 5 grind!

Wednesday, Jan 7, 2015

Premium UK’s “Mole” leans back for the boys.

Monday, Jan 5, 2015

Chad Kerley out hanging with Germany’s Felix Prangenberg enjoying some amazing weather in San Diego.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Thursday, Jan 1, 2015

We’re excited for 2015. We have some young emerging talent that will be making moves this year!

Keep an eye on our crew:

Chad Kerley, Brock Olive, Brad McNicol, Josh de Reus, Stephon Fung, Blake Peters, Lewis Morgan, Felix Prangenberg.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.


Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014

2014 has been a good one. On to another year we go! Hope you all have a safe and happy 2015!

Monday, Dec 29, 2014

Who’s the new kid?

We’ve been posting up a young kid from Australia a fair bit lately and The Come Up are onto him too. His name is Lewis Morgan and it’s time to get to know him.

CM: So you’re from Darwin? Is there much of a riding scene there?
LM: I’m actually from a remote town called Katherine, 300kms South of Darwin.  Growing up there was a few older riders but over the past couple years there was only really myself and my mate Braiden.
CM: Why did you move to Queensland?
LM: After 10 years in Katherine, Mum and Dad decided it was time for a change.
CM: We found you because you were tagging Premium a bit, that’s a good way to get our attention. What pumped you up about Premium brand?
LM: I’ve been a fan of premium since back when Garrett Reynolds was on the team. I’ve also been riding the CK frame since the first month it was out and am loving everything about it.

CM: Your brother is becoming quite a good film maker. Is it handy having him around?
LM: Yeah its so good, filming with James is so stress free because he is so patient when it comes to filming and I’m never worried about how it is going to look as he always seems to make it look fresh. Also I would rather it just be me and James when I want to film something big or scary because I don’t like the pressure that come when there’s lots of people watching.
CM: We have to ask… When’s a Premium web video coming?​​
LM: Well I’ve just started working on my new web video so it shouldn’t be to far away.
CM: It seems like you can do almost all the tech ledge moves. What’s been a hard one to learn? LM: Haha not quite them all, you never can. Well I struggled with feeble hard 3’s for a while but I’ve seemed to have figured them out now.
CM: You just got back from a Sydney trip, what was all that about?
LM: Yeah I went down to Sydney for a few nights to meet up with a good mate of mine, Dayvis Heyne. We did a bit of filming and went to a sick jam at Maquarie Fields Skate Park.
CM: Any dreams of coming State side?
LM: I think all Aussie riders dream of going to the States. I would love to go there and ride all the different parts of the country and one day to live, I’m thinking New York City.
CM: Are you going to finish school with flying colors?
LM: If I was as motivated about school as I am riding I’d be getting straight A’s, let’s just say the day I finish school will be a colorful one.

Keep up with Lewis @lewismorgann.

Interview by Colin Mackay.


Friday, Dec 26, 2014

Lots of tags from you guys getting Premium Products for Christmas. Thanks for the support!

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014

U.K’s Brad McNicol can 360! This one is to fakie.

Duncan Smith photo.