Thursday, Mar 5, 2015

Premium BMX Australia posted this pic of the 2015 Inception. Premium completes have landed in Oz, parts are on the way…

Sunday, Mar 1, 2015

Sequence shot during the filming of CEEKLIFE Chad Kerley / Cobbs photo.

Saturday, Feb 28, 2015

Premium Stinger cassette hub.

Monday, Feb 23, 2015

CEEK LIFE! Chad’s started a YouTube channel and he dropped one hell of a entry video. Watch this and be inspired by one of the best in BMX. 

Video by Doeby Huynh.

Monday, Feb 23, 2015


New Lewis Morgan video is out, it’s short but full of solid tech moves. #bmx

Sunday, Feb 22, 2015

CK is dropping some fire very soon… CEEKLIFE

Cobbs photo.

Saturday, Feb 21, 2015

Stephon Fung freshened his bike up in San Diego when he stopped by the warehouse. New CK tires, smoke sub 10 topload, CK bars and a new sprocket.

Friday, Feb 20, 2015

Find it and grind it. Chad Kerley doing some prep work.

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Thursday, Feb 19, 2015

Throwback Brock Olive pic…


Brock Olive.

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

Our Aussie connection Lewis Morgan is always out and about.

Saturday, Feb 14, 2015

Feels good to help the next generation out with a flight west to escape the NY winter. Have a good trip Stephon Fung!!!

Saturday, Feb 14, 2015

Re-post!!!! Stephon Fung is on his first trip with Premium. We got him a flight to San Diego to escape the brutal winter he’s suffering in NYC.


Introducing Premium AM Stephon Fung.

Chad Kerley sent me a text with a guy to check up on, Stephon Fung. He said he’s a kid from NYC without sponsors and rips, plus Chad said he was a genuine kid too. First thing I noticed was that Stephon had a @420 instagram name, and after we got talking he laughed and let me know his birth-date was April 20, and that he doesn’t even smoke. Looking him up some more I noticed he was always working with expensive cameras and filming almost daily out and about with his crew.

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Saturday, Feb 14, 2015

Throwback Felix Prangenberg pic.


felix prangenberg, hard, september 2012

Friday, Feb 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Friday, Feb 13, 2015

CK’s new Sub-10 smoke gold topload. (Available now in smoke blue, green, red, silver and gold in stem’s, headset’s and sprocket’s HERE)

Why the change? “Haha I just wanted to give my back a little love. Tired of hunching over so much, and literally my bike feels so much better. Whole new feel. Helps with nosey’s too” - Chad Kerley

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015

Chad Kerley stopped by today and got some new parts and is set for an upcoming Nike trip.

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015

Felix Prangenberg 360 whip up at the MARKIT New Years Jam.

Video on Ride BMX

Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Sunday, Feb 8, 2015

Instagram’s @premium_alex’s bike.

Back in the day we took a team road trip and everyone had this color Aurora. We looked funny riding around all on the same colored bikes.

Friday, Feb 6, 2015


Premium Products

Friday, Feb 6, 2015

Dialed Premium CK build from our boy Stephon Fung. One week until he heads to San Diego!