Friday, Oct 24, 2014

Hope you hit the streets this weekend. Stephon Fung will be.

Photo by Nick Jones.

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Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

Introducing Premium AM Stephon Fung.

Chad Kerley sent me a text with a guy to check up on, Stephon Fung. He said he’s a kid from NYC without sponsors and rips, plus Chad said he was a genuine kid too. First thing I noticed was that Stephon had a @420 instagram name, and after we got talking he laughed and let me know his birth-date was April 20, and that he doesn’t even smoke. Looking him up some more I noticed he was always working with expensive cameras and filming almost daily out and about with his crew.

Stephon doesn’t have a lot of current video’s online but he has a video about to drop that is really good! It’s set to private at the moment but it’s a good one believe me! Stephon has all the basics down, and has filmed a few Pro caliber moves in the video dropping soon.

Keep an eye on Stephon, we can’t wait to see him develop.

Colin Mackay - Premium team manager.

Here’s a few text’s back and forth so you can learn more about our new Am.

10/22/14, 8:06 PM

SF- When would you want to start the web text?
CM- Now?
CM- Just answer these texts…

SF- Now is fine.

CM- So you just turned 17?
SF- Yeah, in April.

CM- We were introduced via Chad Kerley, what was it like hanging with him in NYC?
SF-Yeah, I’ve always been a big fan of Chad, I watched a lot of his riding growing up and I met him out at Dew Tour this year in Brooklyn, he’s a super chill dude to kick it with. Sucks that we didn’t get to cruise around the city but it’s all good.

CM- I’m sure the time will come! Chad had a good time out there. He’s a west coast kid and he was stoked on the vibe you guys gave off. He’ll be back soon I’m sure.
SF- For sure, we’d kick it for sure when he gets back, dope vibes out in Texas with him and the rest of the dudes like Tyler (Fernengel) and Mike (Gray). I’m think I’m going to try to hang with them out in SD (San Diego) during my winter break from school.

CM- When’s that?
SF- December 24 to January 2nd.
SF- I’ll talk to my mom maybe about it next month or so to see if she can buy me a ticket.
CM- Ha yeah plus she might want you home for Christmas!
SF- Haha we’ll see.

CM- When you received your Premium package, what part were you most excited about?
SF- Dude, I was hyped about the entire package, I want to thank you guys so much, especially since my old set up was basically falling apart so this was for sure a blessing, by far though these cranks (New Premium 2pc 22mm) feel solid as hell, not a single problem. But overall I’m excited about every single part. Solid.

CM - Ha that’s rad. What’s up with school?
SF- It’s my last year in high school, pretty light year, my schedule is great I get out pretty early and barely have classes. Thank god, I’ve been dying to finish and just ride more and as much as possible.

CM- But you’re also taking a film and television class right? That’s pretty cool.
SF- My whole school is based off film and television, from freshman year to junior we do spectate majors in classes like camera op, lighting/grip, directing and etc, it’s very different compared to a lot of schools and it’s a different environment which is amazing because the teachers have all worked on professional sets and hook the students up with internships for sets, I was actually asked to do a internship for this lady Danielle Levitt. It’s always cool to learn how to film because riding and filming go together really well.

CM- That’s really cool man. Do you have a camera?
SF- Yeah, a DSLR that I occasionally take pictures with and videos.

CM- Nice. Well Stephon, we’re stoked to have you on Premium and we look forward to seeing things unfold with you. Keep shredding man.
SF- Thanks a lot and I’m proud to be riding for Premium. Stoked!

Photo’s by Nick Jones.

@stephonfung_ on instagram and twitter.

Stephon ordered a Premium CK frame in 20.5” size, with all Premium parts. CK tires, Aurora forks, CK bars, 2pc cranks, plastic pedals, fat seat, sub 10v3 front-load stem, h-set, counterfeit grips and more.

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Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Congrats to the MARKIT boys for winning NORA cup’s video of the year.

Chad Kerley was nominated for his part too. Check it out if you haven’t already! MARKIT ZERO, on iTunes.

Pic via Ride BMX.

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Monday, Oct 20, 2014

CK - Chad Kerley with a curved ledge nose manual to decent drop in Montreal recently.

Photo by Colin Mackay

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Friday, Oct 10, 2014

Brock Olive - Nose to pegs. This trick is tougher than it looks!

Photo by Colin Mackay

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Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014

CK’s got a hop on him! Big Ice hop up on a recent shoot with Joey Cobbs.

See Chad’s 2015 Premium CK complete available now!

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Friday, Oct 3, 2014

Australian Brock Olive is tall, he needs a big bike set up. He chose The Stray frame that has a 14.25” rear end.

Brock’s out filming for a new video at the moment so get excited for that. If you need a reminder of the skills this guys has, watch the Premium Montreal video.

Hit him up @brockolive.

Pics: Mackay

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Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

Lodes leaves Premium

After three solid years with the Premium Products brand Connor Lodes has decided to move on to another opportunity.

Connor was great on trips; he was always down to help load up the van in the morning and always first to say “Thanks” after dinner. He was down to send a big over grind and also get a nose manual line we’ve all come to enjoy. A BMX career isn’t forever and Connor’s decided to explore other avenues. 

Gratefully we remain good friends and we appreciate the good times we shared. All the best for the future Connor.

The Premium team continues with Chad Kerley, Brock Olive, Josh de Reus, Brad McNicol, Felix Prangenberg, and Blake Peters. Also look out for the addition of two new and exciting Am’s announced next week… for more.

Colin Mackay Premium team manager.

Photo by Colin Mackay.

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